Typography, Lithograph, Serigraphy. Everything you need for quality printing: graphics, photolithic, matrices, cliches.

Photoincisione Tanini are specialists in the production of graphic products in Rosano in Rignano Arno, Italy.


Everything you need for printing on any surface

Tanini's are specialists in editing and the layout of text and image, in printing and packaging, hot stamping and for three-dimensional dry pads.

prodotti stampa buste superficie


Printing plates

Fotoincisione Tanini can create printing plates for relief printing, hot and cold printing, sand-blasted printing, silicone, magnesium, polymers and brass printing.

preventivo cliche cliches stampa

Printing quality at your service

We are a renowned and well-established national company working in the production of film for lithographic and silk screen printing, as well as for the creation of hot, dry printing presses for every kind of printer and printing press.

High quality articles and workmanship

Thanks to the experience of our owners and competent staff we produce high quality, handcrafted, outstanding articles that will meet every customer's needs.

Efficiency and professionalism are at the forefront of what we do and we boast a high quality standard resulting from smart business choices, dynamism and precision at every stage of processing.

You can contact us for general information and quotes at our office or call us on: 055 86250481 or by emailing us at

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