Plates for hot printing

Plates (Cliches) for printing are one of the most important technologies in the world of communication.

They apply not only to paper but to a wide range of industries.

We create clichés for hot printing that allow refined and tasteful realisations.

This type of plate is made of metal - preferably magnesium.

We also produce copper plates with photo-engraving, but the material requires longer machining and, consequently, the moulds are achievable at a higher cost.

Cliches allow you to personalise your products, better attracting the attention of the customer.

Plates for dry printing

Clichés for dry or embossed printing allow you to produce products with written or protruding images with respect to the treated surface.

They are subdivided into Emboss and Deboss, respectively, when an increase or breakage of the material is obtained.
For embossed printing, we use magnesium, copper or brass plates.

The value of the product varies according to the material chosen for the creation of the plate.

The articles produced with this typology of printing, provide a diverting and exclusive character; they are found for example in packaging, wedding invitations and on business cards.

Films for printing and silk-screen printing

We also offer clients printing and serigraph printing.

Typography is the technique for making printed texts using embossed matrices, consisting of moving characters.

The set of typographic activities includes not only character design, but also page layout, media printing, and packaging such as sheets, books and calendars.

Customised machining of great value

Silk screen printing allows the use of any type of material and makes it possible to produce products with different colour tones and special effects.

We offer customers screen printers that are tailor-made to their needs, with optional settings that facilitate and simplify machining by a frame that reproduces the design through thousands of micro holes.

This frame is loaded with ink and applied to the garments to be customised.
The ink used is particularly vibrant and durable to ensure a high quality product and lasting brilliance.

Items can also be customised using heat-sealable films, making them particularly wear-resistant and washable, and it's also a cheaper solution.

Stamps and plates

Production of all types of stamps, from traditional versions to pre-ink stamps, self-inking with the reproduction of names, addresses, with or without logo, all can be personalised in the preferred form for the customer and in the most suitable dimensions.

We can meet your every need at competitive market prices.

We put together a proposal for customers that may include plates of aluminium, copper, bronze, of different thicknesses, with the possibility to embellish them with special workings in relief, tractors etc.

Thanks to our experience in the field, we guarantee high quality products, with great resistance and excellent visual effect, whatever the choice of material used.

Magnesium plates

Cliches can be produced in a variety of materials depending on some factors including the print, the design you want to represent, the result you will need, the printing method used.

To produce these articles starts from a film and is achieved by photo-engraving.

Magnesium is a soft and delicate material; is temperature-sensitive and has a low cost, so it is suitable for limited runs.

Pantograph engraving

The pantograph is a specific tool for copying, enlarging or shrinking images.

This machining is ideal for marking on bulky moulds and for cutting aluminium sheets.

Our company offers computerised pantograph engraving and manual engraving on industrial plates, gift plates, bracelets, watches and plaques.

What we do

Tanini Photo Engraving: graphic and print specialists!

Here are some of our products and services:

  • - Module supplies
  • - Digital prints
  • - Continuous modules
  • - Typolithographs
  • - Printing services
  • - Business cards
  • - Envelopes
  • - Cardboard cards
  • - Business forms
  • - Staff forms

tipografia e grafica

... and more

  • - Block notes
  • - Header envelopes
  • - Self-priming modules
  • - Tax forms
  • - Forms for professionals
  • - Brochures
  • - Letterhead
  • - Forms
  • - Hotel forms
  • - Commercial modules

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